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You know how hearing a song can instantly transport you to a specific time of your life? I love that sh*t. For me, photos can do the same thing. I loved how I could capture a feeling, a moment, and a time in my life with an image. 

Beach bum, foodie, craft cocktail enthusiast, and always planning my next vacation. I'm Liz, the owner and lead photographer of Liz Jean Photography. I'm a big fan of capturing the small, messy, in-between moments that make up life. 

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"If you needed a sign to book with her-- this is it, you won't regret it!!!"

-devin & nick

"Liz was amazing from the day we booked her for our wedding, through an amazing engagement shoot, and all day at the wedding. You hardly even knew she was there and when you did see her, she was a positive presence!"

-katie & patrick

"We were laughing the whole time and these pictures will always capture the excitement and happiness of this special time."

-liz & dave

Because wedding photos are your family's first heirloom. When my grandmother, Jean, passed away, my family spent months looking through her decades-old family photos. She carefully stored generations worth of memories in the form of images from her wedding, her parent's wedding, and photos from her early childhood. Seeing my grandparents as a young couple brought my family and I comfort after her passing, and I know these photos will continue to be admired for years to come. When I'm hired as your wedding photographer, I realize that my job is much more than capturing the day. I produce artwork that will live with your family for generations.

Why wedding photography?

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Created by Made x Madefrom the Noun Project